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SEC/EDGAR Electronic Filing Services

The Securities Law Institute, Inc. (“SLI”) can facilitate your SEC filings in an effortless manner for a reasonable fee. Your Company may continue to create SEC filings with any existing word processing or spreadsheet software. SLI will convert your document to the EDGAR format (EDGARize) and transmit your filing directly to the SEC EDGAR Database.

SLI’s EDGAR Service

  • SLI has expertise in the EDGAR filing process and securities law. We can also provide advice to clients who file by paper and assist clients who want to do their own filings.

What is EDGAR?

  • EDGAR stands for Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval. It is a computer system that was developed to accept, store and distribute documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Who has to file by EDGAR?

  • The SEC requires all full reporting publicly held companies to submit their filings electronically through the EDGAR system.

What is the Process?

  • Your company may either transmit your filing to SLI by electronic mail or send disk by overnight courier.

  • SLI will EDGARize your document and fax a proof to your company for review and approval. This is usually accomplished within twenty-four hours.

  • If this is a first filing, SLI will submit a "test filing" for no additional fee. SLI will then transmit a live submission to the SEC.

  • Upon acceptance, SLI will fax a copy of the SEC confirmation to your company.

  • If not accepted, SLI will determine the status quickly by electronic mail and immediately facilitate the corrective action in order to assure the filing is re-submitted by the filing deadline

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Document Conversion to HTML(1)

Text or Financial



$10.00 per page

Transmission Fee(2)



Per Page Scanning to Disc/Clean-up







Rush Fee(3)



Section 16 - Live Filed with SEC (Includes all fees)

Form 3, 4 & 5(4)

      Preparation and filing with SEC




Schedule 13D/13G/Form 12b-25 (to file)



PDF Attachments


No Charge



No Charge

Revision tags


No Charge

SEC Form ID (Processing application with SEC for new codes)

No Charge

1)  The stated fees for document conversion (to EDGAR HTML) assumes you supply files in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or WordPerfect.


2)  The fees include electronic filing to the SEC after all pages are EDGAR-ready. Creation of all document and submission header data, electronic organization of documents, running of validation program, print for proofing, transmission to SEC and electronic mail message retrieval from the SEC.


3)  Less than 6 hours turnaround


4)  Filing of first Form 3, 4, or 5 is free of charge.

How to use our service

We want to make your transition to electronic filing as simple and painless as possible. All you must do to have your document filed is print and fill out a Work Order Form and fax it to us at (702) 794-0744. On the form, you must include your Central Index Key (CIK) and your CIK Confirmation Number (CCC). These codes are supplied to you by the SEC after submitting Form ID to them.

If you have not yet submitted your Form ID, SLI could do it for you. After the Work Order Form is completed, return it by fax at (702) 794-0744 or mail to our office to let us know you intend to utilize our services. After finalizing your SEC filing, you may transmit your data file to us by e-mail, FedEx, or regular mail depending on the urgency of filing. For help in transmitting by e-mail, feel free to call us.  For a Form ID click here.

How to get started

To reach us please call (702) 866-5800. We will fax or mail you forms to sign up and request services. You may also reach us over the Internet by sending e-mail to

Companies generate their documents using many different methods ranging from typewriters to mainframes, the SEC devised a system of collecting information electronically in a standardized format. All documents must first be converted to this standard format

SEC will require all publicly held companies to submit their filings electronically through the EDGAR system.