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SEC Kills’ 08 Proxy Access Reform

November 30, 2007

As expected, the SEC formally voted today to affirm its long-standing policy that companies can exclude shareholder proposals related to director elections from the proxy statement. Chairman Christopher Cox called it a stop-gap measure to remove uncertainty about proxy access proposals before they start cropping up in the 2008 proxy season. He did promise to revisit the issue, saying, “We can act on a new rule proposal next year that does more than perpetuate the status quo”; however, shareholder activists are sure to be irate over today’s policy.

December 17, 2007

The Securities and Exchange Commission Published in the Federal Register revisions to Rules 144 and 145, which has an Effective Date of February 15, 2007. The revised holding periods and other amendments that the SEC adopted are applicable to securities acquired before or after February 15, 2008.


Rule 144 under the Securities Act of 1933 creates a safe harbor for the sale of securities under the exemption set forth in Section 4(1) of the Securities Act. The SEC shortened the holding period requirement under Rule 144 for “restricted securities” of issuers that are subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to six months. Restricted Securities of issuers that are not subject to the Exchange Act reporting requirements will continue to be subject to a one-year holding period prior to any public resale. The amendments also substantially reduce the restriction applicable to the resale of securities by non-affiliates.


As part of the revisions, the SEC adopted an amendment to prohibit reliance on Rule 144 for the resale of securities of a company that is a reporting or a non-reporting shell company until such time as the former shell company has ceased being a shell company for at least 90 days, and is subject to Exchange Act reporting obligations and has filed all required Exchange Act reports during the preceding twelve months.




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February 25, 2004-SEC Announces Extension of Compliance Dates Regarding Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Requirements.



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