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Frequently Asked Questions about Incorporation

Incorporation Costs

Incorporation Checklist



  • Nevada does not tax the income of corporations or individuals.

  • Nevada does not share information with the I.R.S. to other agencies. 

  • Nevada respects your privacy. Stockholder and Director disclosure can be locked from public access.

  • Meetings and activities are not required to be held within Nevada.

  • Officers and directors are protected from personal liability.

  • Directors do not have to be stockholders.

  • A Nevada Corporation can hold, transfer, purchase, or sell its’ own stock.

  • A Nevada Corporation is virtually free to engage in any legal activity including issuing of stock for property, land, lease, services, etc.

  • The State of Nevada is friendly to business and minimizes taxes, regulations, and oversight of the corporate entity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Incorporation
Incorporation Costs & Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions are based upon our experience and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Do I have to be a resident of the state?

No. In fact you do not have to be a U.S. citizen.

Do I have to be located in the state?

No. You never have to set foot in the state. If you are not physically present in the state, you must have a resident agent.

What is a resident agent?

It is someone or a corporation with offices in the state who can act as your agent for acceptance of legal service. The resident agent is the Secretary of State's recognized contact for your corporation. Every corporation must have a resident agent. If you reside in Nevada you may act as your own resident agent. SLI includes a full year of resident agent service for all of its' clients as part of the incorporation package.

Where can I have bank accounts?

Anywhere. You can open up your corporate account in virtually any bank by providing the proper documents. Normally these include, Articles, Federal ID Number, Board Resolution, and good I.D. of the account signatories.

Why is Nevada so popular as a corporate haven?

Many reasons. Nevada does not disclose ownership. Unless you go public, no one will know who the shareholders are. Nevada has no state income tax. Nevada is the only state that does not have an information exchange agreement with the IRS. One person can incorporate and hold all offices. Annual fees are among the lowest in the nation. Meetings and activities do not have to be held in the state. A Nevada corporation can own other corporations, real estate, and stock. The State of Nevada is friendly to business and minimizes taxes, regulations, and oversight.

Is it difficult to operate as a corporation?

No. It is very easy. You do have to document key events and you must have annual shareholders’ and directors’ meetings, even if you are a one person corporation. It is important that your Nevada corporation not only exists and remains in good standing, but also that it is in reality a legitimate and active business. Your corporation must be operated in such a manner that it is clearly a separate entity and not merely an incorporated personal pocketbook. SLI will advise you on how to keep your corporation in good standing.

Are corporate officers a matter of public record?

Yes. Names and addresses are filed with the state and are therefore available to anyone. Nevada requires this filing annually.

Can one person hold all offices?

Yes. In Nevada the same person can be president, treasurer, secretary, and sole director.

Incorporation Costs

Your Incorporation package with SLI includes:

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles of Incorporation

  • Order Employer Identification Number from Internal Revenue Service

  • Preparation of Organization Minutes

  • Preparation of By-Laws

  • First year resident agent fee

  • Corporate kit which includes seal, stock certificates and stock transfer ledger

  • Issuance of stock certificates

Fee for incorporation package:

  • $600 payable to SLI plus *filing fees payable to Nevada Secretary of State.

If you would like SLI to incorporate for you in the State of Nevada please complete the attached *checklist and forward it to us. SLI will prepare the Articles of Incorporation and Sixty-day List of Officers and send them to you for signature via E-mail, fax or U.S.mail. Once you have executed the Articles and List, return them to SLI together with the appropriate fees. Upon receipt of the Articles and fees, we will hand deliver your Articles to the Secretary of State for filing. A certified copy of the Articles and List, together with the rest of the incorporation package will be returned to you via U.S. mail or other delivery service at your request. Delivery service other than U.S. mail will be at customer’s expense.

If you have questions regarding our incorporation process or fees, please feel free to contact SLI via e-mail, fax mail or call us at (702) 866-5800.


* PDF format allows you to view your form electronically on most computers. The freely available Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print PDF files.